Fuck Life

Fuck everything. It's all lies.


My family think I’m out with friends, my friends think I’m out with family. When actually I’m snuggled in bed, where I plan to stay all day

What friends..? I don’t have any…

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So… I still remember when I could careless about USWNT and soccer for that matter… I was texting my friend (she’s a soccer player), when she says “god, I’d marry the whole USWNT!!” And of course, curious, I did more research on them, realizing how adorable and caring they happened to be, especially Kelley…. Yet… That was only the beginning of my new obsession..

I wanna be the girl,

I wanna be the girl you stay up all night talking to. The one who you can’t stop thinking about. The one who can make you laugh so hard you cry. The one who you can talk to about your problems and trust fully. The one who can make you feel better after a tough situation. The one who can brighten your day. The one you can be yourself with. The one who understands you. I wanna be the girl you’re in love with.

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